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Package of the Year Award Nominations


Package of the Year entries are limited to DMFA Members only. If you would like to join the DMFA in order to submit an entry, click here to join today!

One member from each organization may submit two entries that exemplifies their best work. One in either acquisition, renewal, or mid-level renewal, and one in digital, multichannel or email.  The deadline ihas been extended to Thursday May 11, 2017. 

Agencies may only submit one mail package and one digital entry under their membership. Any additional entries must be under the non-profit and the non-profit must be a member.  

There is an entry fee of $60 per entry which must accompany your entry form. Please make checks payable to the DMFA.

All entries must fall into the category of Acquisition (outside prospect-cold solicitation) or Renewal (housefile) Appeal.

Fundraising appeals only; It must contain an explicit request for donation. (No special events.)

Packages must have been mailed between 4/1/16 and 3/31/17.

Previous winning packages are not eligible for resubmission.

The DMFA Package Of The Year Committee reserves the right to review category designations and package entries.  If more entries are received than can be displayed and judged during the luncheon, the DMFA will review packages and determine the best ones to display, with particular attention paid to results.

Submit three (3) physical samples of each entered for mail, digital, multichannel or email package along with a PDF of the campaign, and a completed entry form. 

If you have any questions, please email John Briley, Package of the Year Committee Chair, at, or call him at (402) 836-5692.

Voting Procedures

One member from each member organization will vote for an outstanding package in six categories: Direct Mail Acquisition, Renewal, Mid-Level Renewal, Email solicitation. Digital, Multichannel. Mid-Level Renewal is for appeals specifically targeted to donors at the $100+ giving level. Entries in the mid-level renewal group are limited to renewal mailings that are only sent to this targeted dollar group. To help you judge the entries, you will be given a workbook listing all package entries and their performance statistics along with your ballot.

The ballots will be tabulated by DMFA board members the day of the event. A First Place and Runner Up winner will be announced for each of the four categories. The entry that receives the most votes will also be named Package of the Year.

Runners up will receive a cash award of $50 for the charity of their choice. First place winners will receive a cash award of $100 for their charity and will be invited to present their packages and or email at the DMFA luncheon in September. All winners will receive a plaque commemorating their achievement.

Package of the Year Nomination Form

Please click here to download the 2017 nomination form. Then send it by May 11, 2017 to:

200 Pemberwick Road
Greenwich, CT 06830
Attn: John Briley

Note: The DMFA Package Of the Year Committee reserves the right to review category designations and package entries. The DMFA also reserves the right to use package submissions for future educational purposes.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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