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Announcing the Winners of the DMFA AWARDS

We are proud and excited to congratulate the winners of the DMFA AWARDS. With almost 50 entries it was tough competition. Here are the winning campaigns and the runners up.


WINNER: Fountain House

PACKAGE CREATOR(S): Tripi Consulting

PACKAGE NAME:  Dog + Cat MiniNotecards

DESCRIPTION:   Featuring artwork by a Fountain House member, this charming notecard package garnered a 7.13% RR and an AG of almost $35 for the active donor file.

RUNNER UP: Friends of the Smithsonian

PACKAGE CREATOR(S):  Avalon Consulting                           

PACKAGE NAME: Friends of the Smithsonian 2017 Giving Summer Appeal         

DESCRIPTION: : Follows strongest appeal of year. Tested in 2017 & rolled out in 2018 - produces 62% more net revenue than previous appeal in timeslot


WINNER: Environmental Defense Fund

PACKAGE CREATOR(S): Sage Communications

PACKAGE NAME:  Adopt an Acre Monarch Butterfly Acquisition Package

DESCRIPTION:   New control beat more expensive Polar Bear Note Card package. Adopt a Monarch Acre is inexpensive, produced in the U.S. and garnered a $35+ average gift!

RUNNER UP: WaterAid America

PACKAGE CREATOR(S):  The Harrington Agency    

PACKAGE NAME: WaterAid Acquisition        

DESCRIPTION: : Exceeded projected # of donors acquired by 104%. This reduced the projected investment per donor from $66 to $18.11! Less than 10% of the new donors opt in asking for the premium


WINNER: Technoserve


PACKAGE NAME:  Mid-Level Summer Match and Follow-Up

DESCRIPTION:   Revenue jumped 56% and ROI by 114%! High-touch package with match challenge, engaging donors and reinforcing the need to fight poverty using emotions and successes.


PACKAGE CREATOR(S):  Valerie Vierengel    

PACKAGE NAME: Anatomy of a Rescue      

DESCRIPTION: : The booklet included was different from our usual year end package. Our donors agreed with the change and our average gift was increased by 17%.


WINNER: American Jewish World Services

PACKAGE CREATOR(S): Tripi Consulting

PACKAGE NAME:  Summer Sustainer Campaign

DESCRIPTION:   AJWS’s 2017 sustainer campaign garnered 227 new sustainers, including 18 at the $1,000+ level, with an overall $34 monthly AG. Monthly revenue increased 35% year-over-year.

RUNNER UP: The National Audubon Society

PACKAGE CREATOR(S):  Stagecoach Digital   

PACKAGE NAME: National Audubon Society’s 2017 Year-end email series        

DESCRIPTION: : Stagecoach Digital increased Dec. YOY revenue 35% ($306,741) average donation value 10% ($60.05), converted 2% of donors to monthly giving and reduced donor unsubscribes by 12%

WINNER: Statue of Liberty /Ellis Island Foundation


PACKAGE NAME:  Statue of Liberty - Ellis Island Foundation

DESCRIPTION:   This second renewal to a pool of 45,000 members supported by Facebook promotion generated 1.8% pre-renewal email response, 8.1% DM response, and netted nearly $150,000.

RUNNER UP: The National Urban League

PACKAGE CREATOR(S):  Faircom New York, Inc  

PACKAGE NAME: State of Black America       

DESCRIPTION: Every year, the Nat’l Urban League releases its popular State of Black America report. In 2017, we integrated the report on a multitude of platforms, Direct Mail, Emails, their website and other social media platform such as Facebook & Twitter. The campaign is successful due to its exposure.

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