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We are proud and excited to congratulate the winners of the DMFA AWARDS. With almost 50 entries it was tough competition. Here are the winning campaigns and the runners up.


WINNER: Fountain House

PACKAGE CREATOR(S): Tripi Consulting

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My Experience at NCCD in Anaheim, California
By Lee Nave, Development Program Associate, Citizens for Juvenile Justice

As a junior staffer for a small nonprofit, wearing multiple hats is a new and challenging concept. Since I started at Citizens for Juvenile Justice in June of 2015, I have begun to develop and hone in one my marketing ability. 

Joshua Jones, Donor Services Associate Orbis International attended BBCon on the DMFA Scholarship and shares with us his learnings.

I have a lot of fond memories of the DMFA in Boston back when I started my career in nonprofit fundraising.  In fact I owe a lot to DMFA in both my professional and personal life (my wife Donna and I shared our first dance at a DMFA NY holiday party back in 1997).  So last week, I was extremely pleased to take part in DMFA’s triumphant return to Beantown.

At our recent luncheon, we invited Shannon McCracken, Special Olympics to enlighten us on the DMA Nonprofit Federation (DMANF) Nonprofit Dashboard. Have you heard about it yet?  Our industry colleagues at the DMFANF introduced a tool that offers donors a three-year snapshot of key financial and programmatic metrics.  DMFA strongly encourages our members to take the industry lead in adopting the Nonprofit Dashboard into your annual public reporting.


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