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Save Our Premiums

On August 23, the USPS unveiled a plan that would prohibit non paper-based/printed matter; no merchandise or goods will be allowed of any type regardless of “value."   The rule the Service intends to propose would deprive nonprofits of the use of premiums in Marketing Mail.  The Service has, so far, declined to withdraw its plan.  Therefore, we call upon you to join our letter-writing campaign aimed at the ill-considered plan.

The USPS is open to comments and feedback from mailers on how this proposal will impact them. To aid the letter-writing, here is a sample letter that you can send to the USPS to let them know the devastating impact this wil have on nonprofits that utilize premiums in Marketing Mail.  



Please write and urge all you know in the industry to write a letter and submit by September 14.  USPS is being pressured now to withdraw its Aug. 23 notice.  A stream of letters arriving soon will add to the pressure.  And, while this model letter has been prepared for use by nonprofit mailers, we urge agencies, consultants, and allied businesses to write on their own behalf.  In other words, all hands on deck.

Here are the transmission particulars:

  1. Send your comments letter via email to
  2. Use the subject line USPS Marketing Mail Content Eligibility
  3. Please send a bcc: to  It is important for us to track both volume and content of letters.  You may be assured that the letters will NOT be shared by us with anyone absent explicit permission.
  4. Expect an email confirmation of receipt from USPS.  They have said they will acknowledge every comment they receive.
  5. Please also reach out to both your senators and your congressman.

 Invite folks that you share this with to do likewise.  Thank you for your attention. 



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