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Scholarship Recipient Learns Marketing From Peers

My Experience at NCCD in Anaheim, California
By Lee Nave, Development Program Associate, Citizens for Juvenile Justice

As a junior staffer for a small nonprofit, wearing multiple hats is a new and challenging concept. Since I started at Citizens for Juvenile Justice in June of 2015, I have begun to develop and hone in one my marketing ability. 

At the organization I oversee all external communication which includes newsletters, social media, appeal letters, and website content.

This October, with the help of a DMFA scholarship, I was able to go to an amazing conference in Anaheim called the NCCD Conference on Children, Youth, and Families. While there I learned from organizations both government and nonprofits, that have successfully marketed their programs and projects. Like them, my organization focuses on the juvenile justice system and some elements of child welfare.

One organization based in Baltimore stood out especially for their usage of social media during a major legislative campaign. Using marketing via social media allowed their organization to gain support from a much broader audience than through traditional means. They were able to engage youth, who were the main focus group their advocacy work is supposed to directly benefit.

Another organization based in New York City, spoke about a project they used inside juvenile detention centers that allowed them to create an informal leadership system. The representative for this organization stated, they marketed the project by doing sit downs and other events in the detention center, gaining interest in the concept of an internal government. Once interest was gained, elections were held and a system of government that allowed detained youth to collectively make decisions was established. This system of prison government allowed the youth to feel empowered and unified when pointing out flaws in the detention center and other concerns they have if it be bedding materials or simply the quality of food in the cafeteria.

From this conference I saw from both a social media and a face to face interaction method how similar nonprofits are marketing and expanding amazing programs. I thank DMFA once more for allowing me to attend such an amazing conference. 


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